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Русская версия 

Lyudmila and Vladimir is a rare case of a successful art tandem and happy family. This duet seems to combine features that are often considered incompatible. There is no doubt that they are very talented and creative people, but when you talk to them you feel that they are also incredibly open, polite and intelligent. There is no bit of arrogance that is so typical of many people from the creative elite. 

The artists and their works do not compete, on the contrary, they complement and balance each other. Lyudmila, with her woman’s intuition, is great at capturing the person’s character and soul in a portrait. She also likes creating landscapes and still lifes. She had personal exhibitions in the halls of Union of Novosibirsk Artists, in the Sibir-Hokkaydo Municipal Cultural Centre, in private galleries of Novosibirsk, in the Gruzinyak Gallery in Berlin, in the House of the Russian President’s Representative to Siberian Federal District. 

Vladimir is a master of modern art, his paintings make you stop and ponder, you cannot fully appreciate them with an occasional quick glance. This is how Vladimir Virovoy describes his own works: I am grateful to everyone who brought me into the world of art and taught me to feel like home there. Painting stirs up my imagination. Works of art can be so profound and sharp that they clearly demonstrate people’s curiosity and lack of peace. Our existence demands us to express ourselves. Whether we like it or not, our art defines what we are, how we live, what we believe in and what we want to achieve. Vladimir Virovoy took part in exhibitions in the Art Salon Manezh in Moscow, in the Gruzinyak Gallery in Berlin, he had personal exhibitions in the Art Institute of Krasnoyarsk, in the Red Torch Theatre, in private galleries of Novosibirsk and Krasnoyarsk.